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Wellspring Pharmacy is devoted to administering higher quality services in the Oakland, CA area for a fraction of the cost compared to the larger pharmacy chains. We achieve this through a mixture of operational pharmacy procedure, the utilization of technology to further advance our skilled pharmacists, and frameworks that help to produce better results. Our goal is to give characterized and quantifiable benefits to everybody involved, including the client, the healthcare providers, and everyone in between.

Who We Are

Wellspring Pharmacy was born from adding value to the customer through customer service, medication management, and the gaps in care. Wellspring Pharmacy opened for business on March 15, 2012, headed by Andrew Beyers and supported by Thao Ho. Attention to detail, customer needs, and going the extra mile helped forge ahead and show incremental growth. 

Andrew Beyers has over 35 years of pharmacy experience and is motivated to build the pharmacy of the future! Andrew takes care of issues in healthcare that go beyond just filling and delivering prescription medications. He is both an innovator and pioneer for the future of the pharmaceutical industry and is always looking to add value to every individual and every company Wellspring Pharmacy serves. He has a wealth of knowledge including Retail, LTC, Mail Order, and Compounding.

Thao Ho manages the pharmacy and has over 12 years of pharmacy experience in Retail and Compounding. Workflow, customer relations and customer service are her key areas of focus, making sure our customers receive their medications on time. She is a problem solver and dedicated to improving processes. Her experience in transitions of care to quality outcomes and customer satisfaction are integral for the value that Wellspring Pharmacy offers.

Why We Started

Wellspring Pharmacy of Oakland, CA resulted from the high demand of specialized pharmacy services and reduced number of independent pharmacies in the U.S. and California that offer these services in particular. These specialized pharmaceutical services help fulfill the need our country's healthcare reform initiatives have granted within our healthcare system. Wellspring Pharmacy has an enthusiasm for taking care of issues beyond just a prescription medication transaction, and functions as a genuine accomplice to the individuals who share our vision of a cutting edge, creative, and customized pharmacy experience.

Our Mission


Wellspring Pharmacy’s mission is to make a positive impact and difference in the lives of our customers, to make things easier and more effective for health providers, and to provide superior services to the health plans and payers we are providers for.

Our Vision


Wellspring Pharmacy’s vision is to be the next-generation pharmacy that is considered a leader, innovator, and change-maker within our industry. By doing so, we will be a part of the positive change the pharmacy industry needs to see.

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