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Let us take care of your child's medication, so you don't have to!


  1. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST you review your camper's prescriptions with your physician to confirm it is written exactly the way your camper takes the medication before sending it to Wellspring Pharmacy. Wellspring Pharmacy will dispense exactly what the prescription was written by your camper's Physician. 


  2. If possible, please have your physician write a prescription for over-the-counter medication. If this is not possible, Wellspring Pharmacy will dispense the product(s) that you request based on availability.

    Make sure you register your camper at least 21 days prior to the start of their camp session. To avoid late fees and expedited shipping fees. Please refer to the Terms of Use.

  3. Make sure all prescriptions are received at least 21 days prior to the start of their camp session to avoid late fees.

  4. Wellspring Pharmacy will dispense generic medication unless prescriptions state “Brand Name Only.” It is your responsibility to confirm the prescription is written correctly.

  5. Camp registration requires Wellspring Pharmacy to collect your credit card information for co-pays and any other applicable fees. Please refer to the Terms of Use.


1. Submit one Camper Medication Form for each camper. You can do this online, by fax or standard mail. Once received, the form will be reviewed and you will be contacted if we have any questions.

Select camp, complete the registration form, and submit.

Select camp, complete, print, and fax to 
Wellspring Pharmacy
Fax: 1 (510) 428-1670

Fill-out, print, and mail  
Wellspring Pharmacy
Attn: Kids Camp Meds
4184 C Piedmont Ave.
Oakland, CA, 94611

3. Send instructions to your child's Physician(s) on how to prescribe for camp sessions. You can email, fax, or personally drop off the following page with instructions directly from our website: Physician Instructions

4. To avoid any late fees, Wellspring Pharmacy must receive your Camper's registration and prescription at least 21 days prior to the start of their camp session.

Wellspring Kid's Camp Medicine
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