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Home Delivery

Wellspring offers local delivery and shipping to the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.

Health Insurance

We accept over 3000 insurance plans. Call us at 510-428-1559 to find out if we accept your health insurance.

Workers' Compensation

We are experts in the Workers' Comp claims processing and ensure timely authorization of medications by payers on behalf of our customers. We are proactive communicators throughout the process to ensure all parties are informed with the status of the prescription at all times.

Medication Adherence

We offer a FREE medication adherence program to help you adhere to your medication regimen and make the process easier for you. Click here for more info.


We make things easier for your doctor. With our Med-Adherence Program, we call your doctor only once a month for all your prescriptions, versus several times a month. We take all prescriptions (controlled and non-controlled substances) via E-Prescribing.

Over-The-Counter Items

Are you low on items such as toothpaste or vitamins? When you arrange your prescription home delivery, let us know what additional over the counter items you need and they will be added to your delivery.

Discharge RX

After your transitional care, and for convenient, fast and hassle free discharge, we deliver to your home.

Online Refills & Transfers

 Use our online refill form or refill app on your mobile device and your prescription will be automatically processed and filled by one of our 2 next generation, automated pharmacy robots. For Rx transfers, click here.

Customized Packaging

Choose from vial, blister packs, or our preferred WellPak packing system (all options offered at no additional charge). Contact us for all of your packaging needs.

Flu Shots

A seasonal vaccine, the flu shot helps protect against the influenza virus. Though peak flu season is from October to March, it is best to get vaccinated as soon as it is available. Contact Wellspring if you'd like to make an appointment or have questions.

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